An “Open Door”
To New Possibilities

A life full of life, a sense of values that value landscapes, a dialogue with nature, and connections with people. An invisible bond that feels warm to your heart. Wepe is your new perspective of looking for a less carbon footprint in the wood material industry.

Wepe / Our Brand

If it is a deep and strong connection to the sustainability of nature, it is happy to be overflowing with its existence. Wepe's raison d'etre is to question the "way" people connected to this brand.

Create minimum impact = Thinking about richness in the true sense of the modern age of consumerism and capitalism, rather than simply pursuing less.

About Us

A dream of conserving nature by bringing new creativity that produces a warm look wood hybrid material consisting of plastic composite combined with milled wood.

We ask society about the importance of a sustainable world, not just a sustainable place to live inside, and by expressing it in a tangible way, we spread the importance of this thought to the world. Less carbon footprints without tolerating the look and the beauty of natural wood.

A Creative Escape

In time, nature becomes more valuable - It is our challenge to bring out ideas that take shape to preserve the nature.


To be the leader in research and innovation that stands for the visionary handling of Wepe, a hybrid material with sustainable material in the building industry. To continue to demonstrate that it is possible to combine the trusty old material with pioneering solutions for ecological construction and attractive contemporary design.


Wepe transforms how the world sees and interacts with furnitures through the use of Wepe as a hybrid material that are functional, unique, and has emotional, ethical, and real value.